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Hotel Reservation System, Hotel APIs & Native Mobile Apps?

Hotel Reservation System is a multi-lingual, web based online reservation system for travel management companies. This online reservation system comes with B2C (Business to Customers) and B2B (Business to Business) modules to cater end clients and agents as well. The hotel reservation system is compatible with 23 hotel xmls including GTA, Kuoni, Hotelbeds, Tourico, Travco, Special Tours, HotelsPro, Path Finder, Miki Travels, Sun Hotels, Darina Holidays, DOTW, Asian trials and Versys.
Travel Mobile apps

Hotel & hospitality industry has seen robust growth because of travelling goes on higher side. Travel because of business, education and leisure are going all time high. Being ahead in business is the key in any business. Collaborating with a leading hotel software development company is always better so that you use the top hotel reservation system in terms of technology and focus on your core business.
Hotel reservation systems and mobile apps are for customer connect and to be used by regular customers, who are always keen to know more about travel deals. Apart from that, online hotel software and mobile apps are great for keeping brand on the positive side. Recent surveys shows that hotels using the online hotel reservation system & mobiles apps are actually selling better than the other stores, which did not use apps. In the modern business scenario, hotels and hotel consolidators must enter in a long-term partnership with hotel reservation software development companies, to stay ahead of the competition.
Key Features -
  • Easy to use B2C/B2B interface
  • API / XML integration
  • Enhanced user experience for search and booking
  • All availabilities, information, bookings and voucher generation are done in real time and client gets the confirmation on booking instantly.
  • Online Booking Engine also picks up the best deals from different suppliers on a daily basis and updates the inventories accordingly.
  • Multiple currency option for sales across global geographies
  • Rapid set up
  • Online Payment Gateway, also multiple payment gateways to provide users options to make the payment.
  • Best in class rank parity module to display the rates coming from different suppliers for the same property
  • Three layers of password protections to define the different levels of access
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Use the best of the Hotel and Travel APIs with Multiple XML connectivity.

PROVAB TECHNOSOFT is leading hotel software system development company. We deliver XML based and Non XML based hotel booking engine for global hospitality companies.
Multiple distribution channels emphasized with channel manager usage. Off late Travel management companies have seen different customers with multiple choices. Having a variety of travel offers in hand will bring customers from different locations and of different genre.
hotel booking engine

PROVAB TECHNOSOFT, the leading hotel reservation system development company in India suggests travel agents and OTAs to use the best of the travel APIs (for both GDS and XML)
Below are some of hotel XML suppliers:
• GULLIVER – GTA XML Integration - Hotels, Tours, Transfers
• TOURICO XML Integration – Hotels, Cruises – Worldwide Inventory
• HOTEL BEDS (HOTELBEDS) XML Integration - Worldwide Hotel inventory
• DOTW (Destinations Of The World) XML Integration - Middle East Hotel Inventory
• HOTELSPRO XML Integration - Worldwide Hotel inventory
• KUONI XML Integration - European Hotel Inventory
• MIKI XML Integration - Worldwide Hotel Inventory
• JAC (JACOB) XML Integration - Worldwide Hotel Inventory
• SPECIAL TOURS XML Integration - Europe & Middle East hotel inventory
• TRAVCO XML Integration - USA Hotel Inventory
• TRAVELPORT and Galileo XML Integration - (WORLDSPAN, GALILEO, THOR) – Flights
• BOSCOLO XML Integration - European Hotel Inventory
• JUMBO XML Integration - European Hotel Inventory
• Travel Asia XML Integration - Far East Hotel Inventory
• Hotels Do XML Integration - Spanish Hotel Inventory
• SMILO XML Integration - Spanish, European and Central American Hotel Inventory
• WHL XML Integration - Italian Hotel Inventory
• Transhotel XML Integration - Spanish and European Hotel Inventory
• RESTEL XML Integration - Spanish and European Hotel Inventory
• GOGLOBAL XML Integration - WorldWide Hotel Inventory
• WORLD AVENUES XML Integration - Middle East Hotel inventory
• Hilton XML Integration - Worldwide Hotel inventory
• Paradores XML Integration - Spanish Hotel inventory
• BARCELO XML Integration - South American and Spanish Hotel inventory
• BONOTEL XML Integration - Luxury Hotels and Resorts in North America
• ASTRAL HOLIDAYS XML Integration - BULGARIA Charter flights and Hotels

Below are some of Flight GDS/XML suppliers:
  • Amadeus
  • TravelPort
  • Galileo
  • WorldSpan
  • Sabre
Below are some of Car and transfers XML suppliers:
  • Car Trawler,
  • A2B
  • GTA & Hotelbeds (for transfers)
Below are some of Bus XML suppliers:
  • TicketGoose
  • Redbus
Below are some of Cruise XML suppliers:
  • MSC
  • Princess
  • Carnival
PROVAB also offers multiple XML connectivity at an affordable price, so you can give the product and services to your customers more choices with just a click of a button. The APIs we integrate to your system will make it easy for third parties. When you use Travel APIs with Multiple XML connectivity, you’ll have the following benefits:
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Offer more variety of products
  • Improve customer service
  • Provide comprehensive service
  • Increase profits and sales
  • Monitor your business with statistics in real-time and more ...
One of the main challenges the travel agencies are facing is connection with multiple providers like Travel GDS and in the management of contracts and licenses. The process is usually long and can happen. However, our experience in integrating and devising solutions have helped our customers to integrate several providers in a single platform in a short time.

Self inventory hotel extranet system development.

PROVAB TECHNOSOFT, the leading hotel extranet system development company in India providing high quality development support team to develop a robust hotel extranet system using self-inventory to travel agents and tour operators worldwide which allows travel agents to book on behalf of their hotel suppliers, to constantly update real-time data on the availability of rooms, rates, discounts and so on.
hotel extranet system

Hotel Extranet is one single central reservation system where you can manage all the hotels, resorts, villas and holiday apartments under one roof. One can can upload their own hotel data (description, availability, rates, special offers, etc) from one single system called “Hotel Extranet”.
Some of the main features are listed below:
  • Our Hotel Extranet is also incorporated with a B2B or B2C booking software and be offered to third parties through API integration, with different rate quotes.
  • Our Hotel Extranet is the product of our knowledge of the dire needs of travel agents all over the world.
  • Our Hotel Extranet can have all the languages you need and currencies too. Multiple languages and currencies. Number of hotel suppliers are infinite. Special discounts, confirmation and cancellation facility, role management, categorized products, etc are the best in our Extranet.
  • With the Hotel Extranet System we supply, you can upload own direct contracts with properties and offer room bookings through B2C, B2B, Mobile Apps and XML Out channels.
  • You can distribute the inventories through existing clients using our platform.
This multichannel content exchange features is a great boon to travel agencies.
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Hire Hotel Booking System Development Companies in India

Hotel Reservation System is a multi-lingual, web based online reservation system for travel management companies. This online reservation system comes with B2C (Business to Customers) and B2B (Business to Business) modules to cater end clients and agents as well. The hotel reservation system is compatible with 23 hotel xmls including GTA, Kuoni, Hotelbeds, Tourico, Travco, Special Tours, HotelsPro, Path Finder, Miki Travels, Sun Hotels, Darina Holidays, DOTW, Asian trials and Versys.
Hotel Reservation System

There are a few clear and sustainable advantages of hotel reservation systems -
To create customer loyalty by getting smart, innovated online travel portals and mobile apps that bring forth value for the customer.
To facilitate research and purchase of your travel products online
Some reasons for developing a hotel software and mobile app, are the following
Travellers get high on top hotel portals and mobile apps
Creating online hotel portal mobile shopping app is relatively easy with a good travel portal development company
Many of the retailers already have a mobile app, which are creating a better brand recall
While the penetration of mobile devices, is rising in an incredible manner, a mobile retail application is literally indispensable to your hotel as well. Mobile hotel commerce has come to stay and will grow to gigantic proportions in the coming years. Travel & hospitality companies cannot afford not having a mobile-optimized website and a mobile app of their own.
A professional hotel software development company can help the retailer to gain today’s mobile buyer interest, loyalty and shopping power. Today’s consumers who are infused with the mobile mindset want to access on their mobile devices the shopping list they created online, order products, or see peer reviews. With online hotel reservation systems, end users are benefitted in having great deals across the globe.
Key Benefits of Hotel Reservation Systems:
• Exclusive emphasis on web-based automated software, no hardware is needed.
• High flexibility – ascendable and robust platform.
• Reasonable price package – pay as you use with SaaS model.
 • Rapid to launch, easy to use – spontaneous user interface and comprehensive modules.

How to Become an Independent Travel Agent.

It is good to partner with a host organization if you want to work as an independent travel agent. You should look for organizations that are accredited by IATA.
Online travel agent

Prior to starting the agency, you should learn the processes. Becoming an independent travel agent requires training. You can get it either on-site or online. Your course will teach you to use computerized reservation systems and how to sell vacation packages, among other things. You should also satisfy all the legal requirements to start a travel booking agency, applicable to your state or country.
After completing adequate training, you are ready to officially join the host organization. Participation means to pay upfront fees (which vary considerably from one organization to another) and the establishment of their own website. Users can make reservations and travel deals through your website. You can build your own website with a travel technology company like PROVAB TECHNOSOFT.
Then you can book flight tickets, hotel reservations and vacation packages to customers. You will earn your income primarily from commissions that are paid to you by suppliers (hotels, airlines and other companies). To earn commissions, you should join an organization accredited by IATA. Most airlines prefer to book tickets with organizations accredited by IATA. This will give you credibility and knowledge about the industry.
To find more customers than the people you personally know, market your agency through classified advertising, flyers, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and word of mouth. This will bring traffic to your site you will grow your business as an independent travel agent. Best of luck.
In short we have listed all the steps :
    • Register your agency’s name and take license as per your local laws
    • Take membership in IATA or any other reputed travel organization
    • Learn about the travel industry thoroughly
    • Start and get your travel website development done by a professional company. You can also get a top travel software integrated.
    • Give maximum publicity to your new firm.
    • Offer the deals, which are focusing to a specific geography. Focusing on niche will bring the accolades quickly.
    • Take help of travel portal development company to set up the right web presence for you.
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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Travel Technology Companies opting Agile Design Process and Mobility Solutions for Next Generation.

Software designing is filled with a lot of buzz words at present and the most frequent of them is the word “Agile”. There are other similar kinds of words like SCRUM, KANBAN, Crystal Clear and Extreme Programming. Top travel technology companies around the globe adopting agile design process for travel portal software development, travel CRM and mobile apps.

Travel Mobile Apps

The place that the word Agile holds in software designing could be explained with the help of the waterfall model. You may have read about the concept of waterfall model, when you were undergoing your bachelors in engineering. Waterfall model was also an ornate term used for defining a concept. The waterfall model is sequential designing process, according to which progress is defined as flowing downward like that of a waterfall. The various phases of the waterfall model include Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Implementation and maintenance. Leading travel software companies are adopting the same model for scalable travel portal development projects.

The waterfall model dates back to the olden days when the Romans involved themselves in the construction work. The main theory that the Romans has put forward and the concept that is implemented in the Waterfall model is the fact, that when you build a bridge it is a challenging task to bring about change or fix the bridge later. Even if you find a path of fixing the bridge, it will be costly. It is very essential to know what you want at the beginning, when you are designing the project.

The case is different with the software, wherein you can bring about changes in the end-products. Looking at the demand that the users pose to the current software industry, it would not be wrong to say that the users expect change in the end-product very frequently. I can put forward a very common concept in regards to the reason behind demanding change in the end-product. During the beginning of the project an user might have a very vague idea about the features that they want in the project, and a strong opinion is formed with the progression of the project depending on the business needs.

Now I could clearly say that, it is the benefits associated with the Agile designing process that had helps in creating an exclusive place when it comes to software designing. The Agile design process enables the project managers to generate a condition that leads to clear and frequent interaction among the customers, business folks and the delivery team.

There are many projects that have accomplished and in which the Agile method was implemented very effectively. These are the projects wherein the features associated with the end-result were quite different in comparison to the features that were through about, while beginning the project. The factor that mattered for us as an organization was the level of customer satisfaction and appreciation that these projects brought along with them.

As mobility solutions depend on the web services generated from the web projects, agile development process will be the backbone of travel portal development companies. 

B2B B2C Travel Portal Development for travel agencies in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Dubai

Global Distribution System / GDS System is computerized and centralized web service that provide travel related transactions covering airline reservation, hotel reservation, cruise reservation and car rentals. In brief, central reservation systems that book and process the PNR for global airlines are known as Global Distribution Systems / GDS Systems.
Looking for a Travel Portal – Get a Project Quote -
B2B B2C Travel Portal Development
Originally, GDS systems were set up for airline reservations but later its extended to process hotels, cars, cruise and holiday packages. GDS system makes it convenient for users to purchase tickets from different airlines or providers thereby forming the backbone of internet based travel booking services. GDS system reaches out to more than 300,000 plus IATA registered travel agents powered by four major GDS networks like Sabre, Amadeus, Worldspan and Galileo. Thus the GDS systems today, are used by travel agents and online customers all over the world to book flights, hotels, rentals and other travel related services. The key point here is that any GDS system will not hold the inventory, but the inventory is held on vendor’s reservation system itself as GDS has real-time access to the vendor’s database.
GDS can also be understood as a network operated by a company that enables automated transactions between booking agents and vendors so as to provide travel related services to end consumers. A GDS system usually links rates, services, bookings consolidating products and services across the major travel sectors like hotel reservations, car rentals, airline reservations and other activities.
GDS system’s primary customers are mainly travel agents, who are either following OTA model or using a web based software to connect to GDS.
To understand, how global distribution system works, take for example the case of Amadeus GDS. Amadeus is used globally by over 90,000 travel agency locations and over 32,000 airline sales offices for distribution and selling of travel services. This service processes more than 480 million transactions per day, which is huge and over 3 million total bookings per day. GDS along with Online Distribution Data or ODD in the form of connectivity modules allow hotels to connect with Travel agents and online customers.
GDS are owned and operated as joint ventures by major airlines, hotel groups, companies and car rentals. Sometimes they are also called as automated reservation system or ARS or computerized reservation system or CRS.
Modern GDS system typically allow users to take advantage of booking hotel rooms, rental cars, airline tickets, as well as for other activities like outdoor tours. They also provide access to railway and bus reservations in some segments of markets, although these are not always integrated with the main system.
For many years, GDS had a dominating position and role in the travel sector. To avoid high GDS fees airlines have started to distribute flights directly from their websites through web services or APIs, thus bypassing GDS to a large extent, another way of bypassing is by facilitating direct connections to the travel agencies.
Author is a travel technology expert and has been involved in several travel portal development projects.