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Integrate Online Booking Software on Travel Website

Your travel business may be small or big, but it can’t survive in the present world without an Online Booking Software. You may have hosting a very good travel website design on your domain and it may also be attracting a-lot of visitors as well. But without travel software, you may not be able to realize its full potential. With online travel software in place, you can not only connect to potential clients but also achieve the sales online. Integrating a travel agency software will change your website to an online booking system platform.
Travel Agency Software

But how to integrate, is an intriguing issue. There are three basic methods of integration to your existing website:
iFrame Integration
Top travel software provides the white label links, which can be connected in any travel website. Your web designer can simply import these links in iframe. Thus your website will host the search box and will enable the complete online booking software on your website.
Widget integration
You add the code snippet or a widget, from travel software provider, to your website code. Sections of on the online booking UI will be added to the desired places in your website (e.g., search box, hotel room or flights on special offer).
API integration
API integration is one of the most common methods used today. You need a professional travel software development company to achieve this. APIs provide the web services XML, which should be programmed to connect to third party server to bring the data. Its always advisable to hire an experienced travel portal developer to do this for you. Hotel APIs or Flight APIs integration will give you the complete control on look n feel of the system and customization.
With API integration, travel companies can -
• Have B2C, B2B, corporate and white-label modules
• Manage multiple suppliers including GDS & hotel consolidators
• Manage separate sub-domains / domains for end users and agents
• Update the markup from the backend
• Have IP based currency option
• Have comprehensive reporting system

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Author is a travel technology expert and has been involved in several travel portal development projects. 

Online Booking System for Hotels : Hotel APIs – Hotelbeds, Hotelspro, DOTW and Travco

Much has changed in travel technology over a decade. Traditional way of search and booking the travel deals are no more in fashion. Online booking system has become the keyword of travel domain across the globe. At present, online booking systems are most widely used for used for airline reservations, hotel & motel reservation, cab reservations and custom holiday packages. More and more booking systems are also connecting the event booking XMLs as well. In a nutshell, online booking system is internet based booking system software, which can be accessed by users through the unique URL, services can be searched and bookings could do done.
online booking system

There are many web services / hotel APIs, which can be seamlessly integrated to bring the best inventory at best price.
Hotel APIs
  • GTA
  • Hotelbeds
  • Hotelspro
  • DOTW
  • Travco
  • Tourico
  • Restel
  • Miki
  • Jac Travel
  • Expedia
  • Priceline
  • Bonotel


  • Amadeus
  • Galileo
  • Sabre
A GDS system will also provide the data for hotels, cars and cruise apart from flights. It also provides the information to various distributors and travel agencies working simultaneously round the world.
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Author is a travel technology expert and has been involved in several online booking systems

Travel Technology Trends 2016

Online hotel booking system software saw a consistent growth in the last few years, more because of increased usage of internet and huge growth of smartphones and mobile devices. This has created an opportunity for travel management companies to develop and deploy online hotel booking system for end users and B2B agents. The whole process of calling the hotels directly and doing the bookings manually has changed to opening a hotel portal, searching for the best deals and booking it directly to get an instant confirmation. Hotels /motels and resorts are also benefited as they don’t have a-lot of unused inventory to sell at throw away prices.

Travel Technology Trends 2016

For the B2C user perspective, below is work flow, which they see during the booking process-

  • Availability based on date and number of people
  • Dynamic Rate Display
  • Multi Property Display for Chains
  • Google Maps for Multi Property Sites
  • Room + Hotel Image Gallery
  • Room + Hotel Description
  • Guest History Profiles
  • Online Reservation Modification
  • Online Cancellation
  • Credit Card Verification
  • Payment Processing
  • Vouchers
  • Dynamic Packaging
  • Confirmation by Email and SMS

The whole online hotel booking system being 100% web based model, it was profitable rather than conservative method. Major business models, B2C, B2B, B2B2B and B2B2C are used widely across the globe. There have been a consistent debate about, which one is better but most of the leading travel agencies are actually using both.

Professional travel portal development companies, which are offering online hotel booking system are now clubbing the system with mobile apps based on android and iOS operating systems. Most of the working and corporate professionals prefer to get the booking done on the go and thus mobile apps are far more helpful rather than web version.

Online hotel booking systems which are openly definable and customizable to cater to their specific business needs. Multilingual hotel booking systems are widely used in USA, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Dubai UAE, India and Singapore. A combo of robust hotel booking system and mobile app can certainly keep you ahead of competitors.

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Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in travel portal development and marketing strategy implementation. 

Mobile Apps for Online Travel Software & OTAs.

Online travel software means a web based online reservation system to book the travel related services. OTA also stands for online travel agency, which means a travel agency operating business through online process. Over the last five years, mobile apps have seen great surge in terms of usage. iPhone and Android devices are almost in every hand and people are browsing the information more than ever. So travel agencies are seeking the services of mobile app development companies to build them a best in class tool. Online travel software offers search and booking facilities of flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, cars, cruises and holiday packages. Ticketing systems powers real-time booking of travel deals. Mobile apps use the same web services, which are used by travel software and bring the desired information for the end user.
Travel Mobile Apps
A travel software is a web based system to store & retrieve travel related contents including flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing and other services. Mobile apps are connected to the same database and access the web services from the GDS & APIs directly. The data may come from the ticketing system's database or it may come from the Global Distribution Systems, hotel APIs providers or third party suppliers. Ticketing system may process the transactions related to flights, accommodations, transfers, cars, cruise and other travel related services. There are three kinds of travel software systems, which are most widely used today.
  1. Travel Software System connected to GDS
  2. Travel Software System connected to Third Party Suppliers
  3. CRS based Ticketing System
A travel software, while issuing any ticket connects to primary flights / hotels / cars data to find real time availability and pricing. Once the availability is confirmed, users can proceed to make payment to confirm the booking. This whole process is automated and end users get the booking confirmation / PNR or voucher in no-time after making the payment. Below are distinct advantages of travel ticketing system.
  1. Round o clock availability, improved sales and great client satisfaction.
  2. Fully automated system, and thus saves a-lot of time of end users.
  3. PNR / Vouchers are generated immediately.
Same advantages are extended through the mobile apps, which does not only help in making the booking process easier but also help in brand recall.
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Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in travel software development and marketing strategy implementation. 

How merchant accounts can increase online travel software sales

A merchant account is a specific kind of bank account intended to hold funds taken from credit and debit card sales through online payment interfaces on travel software and POS. When a customer pays for booking travel products using credit or debit card, money from his account is immediately transferred to the travel agent’s merchant account. From there, money will be transferred out to a normal business bank account through a standard protocol.

Online Travel Software

Taking payment individually from those who book flights, hotel rooms, etc, through you travel agency might have become a little difficult because of increased transactions on a day to day basis. Often, smaller travel agents don’t get the merchant accounts directly through the banks so easily. But online travel software definitely needs payment gateways to survive. That’s why third party payment gateways like PayPal, 2CO etc are used worldwide.

With the merchant account, you can entertain all the widely recognized cards and never send back a customer telling her credit card is not accepted by you. Since it works in real-time, merchant accounts reduce deposit times for your company and avoid the prospect of inadequate funds landing you and your customer in uneasy situations. Most of the travel portal development companies suggest their clients to use the direct merchant account for the same reason.

Your new customers should be made your regular customers. Merchant account will help you to make them come back to you to buy travel products in future. This can be done by asking your provider to customize a loyalty program for you. They can get some discounts at the places they spend their vacations or when they next book travel products from you.

A valuable gift from merchant account is online payments. With this visitors to your site can click on the pay button in your website after choosing the flights and hotels, and pay by just filling in their payment data on the secure online form. Immediate validation of payments will occur. You’ll get the money within 24 hours. As a business person this is a great boon to you.

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Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in travel portal development and marketing strategy implementation.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Amadeus GDS chosen by travel agents as preferred Global Distribution System in Nigeria, South Africa and USA

Travel agents across the world, are more and more using global distribution system (GDS). GDS systems are enabled to provide online travel data through a single source. Over the years, a more conventional way of calling the provider to confirm the booking, was used, which took considerable efforts and time per booking. Today, latest travel technologies from the leading consolidators (aggregators) including Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan have become popular among the travel services providers. Out of all, Amadeus GDS has emerged as the most preferred by travel agents around the world to make flights, hotels, car rentals, holiday packages, ferry, cruises or other travel services booking. The volume of the ticket bookings through Amadeus system such that all the leading airlines are actually connected with Amadeus GDS system.
GDS system
Apart from the generic travel contents, Amadeus GDS provides availability, pricing, details and online reservation module to travel agencies. Nowadays, travellers prefer a one-stop service, and request rich information to make a right decision. Information from the GDS system helps them to navigate, select and book, what they like. The travel agent has to provide detailed, real-time information to enable the consumer to choose an option that is suited to all his/her needs. Amadeus travel system just makes everything easy.
Amadeus had maintained its position as the global leader in travel technology and travel distribution solutions for tourism industry, by constantly introducing innovations. Set of solutions like e power suites, web services, APIs and other value added services, let client choose – what they like. Amadeus tools are built to deliver the professional travel booking solutions. It helps the agents to deliver comprehensive travel itineraries quickly and efficiently.
For travel technology companies also, Amadeus GDS is a top choice and companies can deliver the custom made solutions to travel agents. With great technical support, that it offers – things can be big for Amadeus.
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Author is a travel technology expert and has been involved in several travel portal development projects.